How do I update a scene when one of the templates it uses has been edited?

Say I create a layer in a scene using a template, Then, I need to change the template to fix an issues with it.

What is the prescribed manner to update the scene to use the latest template save?

I have tried editing a template, saving it, then closing and re-opening the scene that uses it, but the changes in the template are not reflected in the scene that uses it.

Thank you!

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You don’t update templates. Templates are not ‘linked’ to their original source, they have a life of their own once they’re dragged into a scene.When you drag them into a scene they become part of the scene not being connected to the assets stored in the library. If you have changed drawings you can drag the new on top of the old on the timeline to update them.

Okay, thanks!

What is the best way to update a character if you updated the design. I have used an old template to animate and then you had to redesign the character a bit and then you wamt to update the old character with the new look.
Is there a way to replace images in an existing layer or maybe just to copy paste?

/ Mattias
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You should take some time to carefully examine the changes and how the existing character has been animated. You could end up with a disaster depending on what has been changed in the updated template.

Yes I understand that,
In my case I changed a few shapes slightly and a few colors.

But I guess there would some kind of guide how to update a character design.
I also noticed one thing.
I had updated the colors as well and when importing the updated template into the old scene the colors charched back to the old colors, so I think you have to find a good way to organise the palettes.
The bigger the projects the more omportant of course.
/ Mattias

Lilli made good tutorials on palette organization and templates. Have you watched them? If not I can try to track down links. Many things were moved when Toon Boom upgraded the website.

Yes, I looked at her tutorials a lot when learning to work in toonboom. I guess you mean these:
on colors:
and template:

or do you remember any others?

/ Mattias

There are several others. I collected them all. They are on another computer but it is very late here. I will compile the titles and see if they can be used to Google them online. If so I will post the links Wednesday evening.

Just a side note: I think the tutorials you mention where made by Shabana Ali, not by Lilly Vogelesang. Lilly made the Toon Boom Tips videos on Youtube, but those at the Toom Boom website are by Shabana. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong. Those two linked here about colours and templates are definitely Shabana’s. Here’s are her latest tutorials about Storyboard Pro 5.

Luis Canau

Ok, I was wrong then. Where can you find the one by Lilly?
/ Mattias

I’m not sure what’s eventually missing from the website with the several changes in design and structure, but here you have very in-depth tutorials:

The thing is, the better structured in terms of organizing a production from start to end where made at the time there was Animate, Animate Pro and Harmony, from the time of Harmony 10, I think (before 10.3), so you find then on the Animate tab.

This was updated to a certain extent with the Harmony 11 start-up videos that you quote above:

On Youtube, there’s some 60 Toon Boom Tips video, by Lilly Vogelesang, from the beginning of 2012 to the end of 2014.

There’s a number about master and action templates and a generic one about colours and palettes.

Luis Canau

Thanks Luis,

I will have a look into this,.
/ Mattias

It would be wonderful even if you know how it’s done because i am also looking for the same issue.
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I am currently working on a production where we regularily update the designs by replacing the content of the elements folder. This is a really improvised and hacked solution and you need to be careful with keeping the same drawing names and pivots, but it works. For every drawing layer there is a folder like elements/char_left-arm/ in the project. If we change some details on this arm layer, we would change it in the master rig file, then (in the system’s file manager not in Harmony) take the changed drawings from the arm’s element folder and overwrite the ones in the element folder of the shot.

Thanks, This seems like a good way to do it. Will need som testing first so you know what you do.
Do you prepare all the graphics in Toonboom or in another software?