How do I toggle views between bones from different layers in the camera view?

Hello Toon Boomers,

I am still new to Toon Boom. I have created bone deformations on this figure’s arm_L and Torso. I wish to see the bones when I click on the arm_L layer (after having clicked on the layer in the node view or in the timeline) yet I only see the bones from the torso. How do I toggle between the bone views between the layers?

I have attached a screen shot image of what I mean - here you can only see the torso bones but not the arm_L bones which I have selected - please help! I appreciate in advance for any tips! I am using Toon Boom Premium on Mac.


I suppose you found out already but just in case

from this page

In the Network view, select the Deformation Group containing the deformation chain you want to display.
In the Deformation toolbar, click on the Show Selected Deformers and Hide All Others button.
The selected deformation controls will appear in the Camera view and all the others will be hidden.

just select the arm and click the icon next to the wrench/hammer button, the one with a circle and a line and and X.