How do I start a new Scene???

For my last three movies, I’ve had to make a knew peg as my knew scene. Is there a way I can start Scene 2? cause I’ve had like five backgrounds, and I’ve been painting over my previous one. so I need like 5 scenes, but i’ve only been using 1. could someone please help me? ???

check the TBS manual, page 47. under “Adding new scenes” theres a few pages there that will walk you through addin/deleting scenes as well as changing background colors.

if you dont have a hardcopy or the pdf on your comp it is in the members area of this site, you can download it under the section named "documentation"

hope that helps.

Thank you SOOO much dude! you helped me out alot! I might be asking you more questions though. about things. and hopefully you can just tell me what page I need to go too
;D :o ;D
anyway. thanks again

heh, no problem. I’m not sure I have every page committed to memory though :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask anytime you have questions though, but in the meantime, you should at least give the manual a once-over & check out the quick time tuts as well.
good luck