how do I slow down the animation...

I am working on an animation but do not know how to slow it down as in when talking…


I been working with this program for a few months now but I figured out allot of ways to control the speed of your animation. Yes increasing exposure periods of certain drawings and/or images can slow down animation, but there’s a few other ways.

The peg system can really help in this, I would first switch to scene planning in the workplace options, in the timeline sheet place a pag in a drawing that you want to slow down(or ultimately animate). Before you do anything else, increase the exposure of the character or object and if they have animation create more slight movements then jerky or quick movements(If you want the animation to be more fluent). Once you do that in the timeline place keyframes in the peg time lines by right clicking the spots of the peg timeline bar to where you want to create animation, now it’s important that you place two and animate within those two at a time, I tried placing three or four first but it ended up going from peg 1 to peg 4 despite the other two pegs. once you do that use the motion option or the very bottom bottom on the very left, click the last keyframe, click and hold the motion peg in the middle of a red circle in the camera view or the other two views and drag to where ever the object or character is going to stop at. That would be the basic of using the motion function.

Another is the function editor next to the timeline sheet, in that switch to velocity and play around with that. Of course you will have to have pre-existing peg animations like motion to do that.

One more is copying and pasting the object or character and making slight changes of movement to create slow movement(and using the “onion skin” function is very helpful of doing so), this is most effective if your drawing digitally by tablet or mouse(that’s how I draw on ToonBoom, by mouse, not the best yet but I’m getting better, more used to pencil or pen).

That’s all for now I got to get back to work on my stuff, I’m known as “MartianAviator” also on Youtube if you want to see some of my past shorts and a trailer of a new one I’m making that will demonstrate the peg system(the others I didn’t use the peg system), might even do a in the making bit of it as well. I’ve made allot in the past few months but I can’t post them all, some are too “mature” for that site except for one after allot of editing.

David L. Berge,
Author of “Children Of Mars” novel serious,

If I understand well, you want to stretch the time of the animation. You can do this in three ways: 1 - adding cells from making drawings and designs intermediate (add cells) 2 - selecting element´s drawings in the timeline (not the element itself), and right button: Exposure: Set exposure. 3 - If you change the length of the parent peg (pulling him toward the right) are slowed transformations (for one or more elements with single picture). If the drawing has several cells, then extend the exposure of cells to match the peg. I hope it useful. Translated by Google. Yoryo