How do I select a span of frames to be modified?

I have an animated sequence of a character. He is in a PEG.
The animation is finished, but I realize I want to make the character bigger from frame 700 to frame 1000.

If I use the Transform tool, I’ll modify him on all frames, from 1 to 1000, because Transform works on the entire PEG.

If I turn the Animate mode on, I can modify him on the current frame, but he shrinks back on the next keyframe.

So, how can I just select a span of frames (700 to 100), and modify just those?

thanks…! :slight_smile:

use transform mode on the frames you need to change him on.

Yup… but how do I specify ‘from frame 700 to frame 1000’?
I mean, I need to transform them all together in one go.

(sorry I’m racking your brain today… thanks a lot…! hope I can help in turn soon)

do a tween form frame 700 to frame 1000 by using the transform mode. go to frame 700 and add keyframe (at normal size) then goto frame 1000 and add another keyframe and enlarge him to the size you require. You may have it set to stop motion keyframe in which case yo need to right click on the start keyframe and goto set motion keyframe. ;D

no, wait I don’t need to do a tween. The animation is actually finished, I want to change the size of the character from 700 to 1000. Not make him grow gradually from 700 to 1000.
Like… he stays bigger from frame 700 all the way to 1000.

Basically, I want to select the 300 frames between 700 and 1000 and change ALL of them in one step. I need a sort of ‘batch transform’ for 300 frames.

I don’t know if I’m explaining my self well… I hope so… :slight_smile:

just change his size at frame 700 and then change that frame to a stop motion keyframe by the same right menu click mentioned in previous post. He will then change instantly to the size you want at frame 700 until you change it again (at 1000 ?)

that would work if I didn’t have anything between 700 and 1000.
I’m trying to modify an animation which has already been finished, so there’s lots of Keyframes and animated stuff between 700 and 1000.
I need to change them all.

In Flash, you onion-skin a span of frames and whatever falls in the middle, keyframes and all, you can rotate, scale, move.
It doesn’t seem you can do the same here.

select everything on the stage you want to change at frame 700 and press F6 for keyframe then goto 1000 and do the same changing them to the size you require. This isn’t for a camera zoom/move is it ?

again, that works assuming you have nothing between 700 and 1000.

But what if, as in my case, there is a whole lot of animated stuff? Positions, keyframes etc? If I add a keyframe on 700 and one on 1000, that leaves everything in the middle untouched.
What happens to keyframes on, say, 710, 780, 850, etc?

I need something that will encompass all 300 frames and modify the size (or position or whatever) in one sweep.

if you add a keyframe to resize on frame 700 it will stay resized until it is changed

Yes, but it won’t resize the other keyframes between.

here’s a similar example of what I mean.

I want to resize (or move, or rotate, whatever) from frame 2010 to frame 2100.
If I modify 2010, I don’t modify the keyframes and tweens in the middle, right?
2030, 2039, 2060 etc, are untouched even if I modify the extremes 2010 (or 2100).
If I use the Transform tool, I modify the whole PEG from frame 1 to the end.

Unless I’m missing something really obvious or I’m thick as a brick, (good chance… :slight_smile: ), I cant’ see a way to ‘grasp’ a span of frames.

I was actually talking about inside the peg, sorry i didn’t explain. Can you put the peg in another peg and have a normal kf at 2009 and start tranform at 2010 ?

Your suggestion was useful! What I did was duplicate the layer, and erase all frames before and after the frames I want to modify. Of course I then erased them in the original layer, too. Then I could use the Transform tool to modify all the frames.
Thank you!
Although… a damn heck of a contorsion to do something so baisc.
I’m surprised there’s no function to do this an easy way, in two steps instead of ten.

If you know Flash, you know what I mean.
In Flash, ti would be really easy-peasy. You’d encompass 2010 and 2100 within the onion skin markers, select all, modify, and you’d be done.
No additional levels, frame moving, erasing and so on.


Glad I could help. It is easy in Flash yeah, I think the peg had something to do with it, it’s easy enough to do without the peg by shift clicking a selection and transforming. ;D

heh! ;D
I guess I have a bad version of Animate 'cause the shift select doesn’t work. It just modifies the first keyframe.
But the PEG solution is OK. It does the job.