How do I put the arms/hands in front of the body while the shoulder behind the body?

I have this character that needs to have her shoulders behind her body, but at the same time her arms and hands have to move in front of her body/face. How do I accomplish this? I saw a few tutorials, but the way they did it was using an auto-patch and the character the demonstration was done on required to have the outlines of body and shoulder to blend. In my character’s case it doesn’t need to blend the outline.

I uploaded a few pics so you can have a better idea. I put the node view preview and a piece of the character.


Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 10.24.24 AM.png

Copy shoulder area going to arm, put it on the underlayer of same layer. Connect two channel selectors. Put the layer of arm outline/color to connect in front of body (along with hand) and set that channel selectors to read only those two. Pull the 2nd channel selectors and connect underlayer (which has shoulder area) and connect that behind body layer.

It is covered in this video: