How do I position a piece on a layer w/o moving the other pieces?

I’m breaking down a drawing into layers for my turnarounds. In every instance Ive cut up the character from hand drawn artwork after scanning it in. Then use the Magic lasso/cut drawing from drawing selection. On the piece that is giving me problems their are elements that were drawn separately. ie the half hidden (left) arm for a sideways turnaround. Anyways I need to move the arm and attach it to my characters trunk. Ive lassoed it and assigned it to my left arm layer but when I move the arm to position it using the transform tool it moves my other left arm layers.

Hi,Did you clone the drawing element or duplicate it? I am not quite sure I understand how the arms are parented together as if I understand correctly the current situation is that when you move the left arm drawing the right arm drawing is moved as well.Regards,Ugo

Maybe this has to do with the Animate mode being OFF. Perhaps you need to turn it ON to make a keyframe at your changed position.- Hans