how do I paint with the brush on a selected/painted area only?

Hey there

Is there a way to brush paint a selected/painted area and only the selected area even if I happen to draw outside that area?

I want to paint darker shades on a characters face but not affect the hair part at the same time…

Im doing a ctrl + click on the painted face area and it gets selected (red border) and then I draw big strokes (dark shade) across the face with the brush but the selection is not respected :frowning: , the hair part is also painted, which I don’t want…

quickest way to do this in photoshop for example is to “quick selection” tool and select the area (painted area) and while the selection border is active, draw big strokes with the brush and only the selected area gets affected…

is there a way to do the same in toon boom animate pro 3?

I found a temp workaround for now but this one takes soo long time to do and is tedious to do :

  • select the colors and protected them except the one I want to brush draw on then unprotect again* repeat…

thanks in advance…

Hi orhanZ_67624,

im not using TB Pro 3 (using TB pro 2) but form what you are describing sounds like you need to be using the ‘Stroke’ tool. This can be found by clicking and holding the little paint bucket icon, then scroll down to the ‘Stroke’ tool. This will allow you to draw invisible lines within a pre-existing area so you can fill with colours that respect the object boundaries.

A warning will come up to ask to show / hide the strokes - obviously have them showing when you create them but hide when you want to see end results, shortcut is ‘K’

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Another option is to use the Tone and Highlight modules. You can see these in action starting at 26:00 in this video:

thanks Jason & Guitarist

Jason, I tried the stroke tool and it works for filling but I want to draw over already filled areas…

Guitarist , I watched the video and it looks like it works in the video but you have to create 2 few more effect layers and it seemes to get messy, I like to keep it simple in 1 layer, line art & color art for the colors instead of creating too many layers each for highlight and shadows matte’s…

What Im after is more like Flash style “paint selection” and “paint inside” or photoshop “quick selection” drawing tool, its very quick and easy

Btw, I searched more about this and found that “alamont” was asking for the same thing (but for harmony) :

I just could not describe it as good as him

sorry for double post :frowning:


It’s very simple in Photoshop.

Okay, so try this: select your brush tool and in the tool properties panel select the Repaint Brush mode and try painting a highlight or shadow tone on your object.

with “repaint brush” activated, when I draw shadows, drawn part doesn’t go outside the whole character object but hair part is also paintded over (I use a larg brush)…

it only acts like a mask while I paint…

I mean since I can ctrl+click select a painted part, and if I have the brush tool , that indicates that if I draw inside the selection, only the selection part will be painted…

hopefully this will be looked over inte the coming release of TBA…

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Hi OrhanZ,

This exact feature as you describe it is not available, per say. It would be a great addition to the Feature Request board.

But what you can do is use the Repaint Brush mode or Repaint tool in combination with the Protect Colour.
In your colour palette, you can select all the colours you do not want to affect, right-click and select Protect Colour. You can select multiple colours at once.

I hope this helps!


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