How do I outline Text?

Easy question (I think), for the 1st time.
How do I put an outline (stroke) on text?


Scungyho posted this not so long ago.


Thanx Bob, but I tried it and failed.
Possibly because there’s no sound.
And TBA wouldn’t let me use my “Brush Strokes to Pencil Lines” tool.

It isn’t the “Brush Strokes to Pencil Lines” command you need but the one just below it, the “Strokes to Pencil Lines”.

I didn’t record any sound for the video. Do you mean you can’t play the movie at all? It is just a Quicktime movie.

-Mark (Scungyho)

“Strokes to Pencil Lines” won’t let me click on it either.
You don’t have a simple list of the steps, do you?
Perhaps I’m missing something from your video.

You have to go to tools → convert–> break apart text first.

I followed the steps required and because of the way the conversion works I don’t think this method is really going to work unfortunatly.

I did it and it ended up warping my text because of the difference in the tools.;action=display;threadid=3043

Yes! I got it straight, thanx to that link to a previous forum thread. Thanx Nolan. :slight_smile:


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