How do I make the back ground export gray like in display

In Storyboard Pro 7 I have a light gray background in my display and as a result some of my boards have white shapes to represent spot lights. However when I export my scene the background color is pure white, hiding the white shapes on top. There seems to be a difference in the displayed background tone, (which seems to be editable under edit->preferences->colours) but I can’t for the life of me find where the export bg tone can be changed.

I’ve tried looking through previous posts and they seem to possibly be outdated. one post claims that I should be able to edit the BG color by going to windows->scene manager, but there is no “scene manager” on story board pro, at least not under windows. Another post claims that I should be able to ad a “just make a separate white block background
and place it behind your movie in the camera view”, but doesn’t say how to do so, and if i look up those key words then it just brings me to tutorials that have absolutely nothing to do with my issue.

additional info:
Using storyboard pro 7.0 on Wacom Mobile Studio Pro running windows 10.

any help would be immensely appreciated.



found a solution by copying a layer that is completely 94% gray, selecting all of the panels, and going to layer->paste layers special, then selecting “once hold” and checking “place layers at bottom”