How do I make something that looks like it has a light shining on it?

Right, so I have my character stood up lent abit forward (his short color is black), and I would like light to shine from the left side. I don’t want to see the light source, i just want the light on my character.

Now I have been using Toon Boom Animate for over a year and I have never gotten light to look right.

I have used “hightlight” (followed tutorial correctly) And glow (which meanly dims white when on a black background.

But I would want the light to blend as it gets further in on the character (like real life.

Bright on the left of the left, but dim down on the right of the left!

Any help?

use a tone and a highlight effect.Use the tone for the darker areas.

That didn’t seem to work.I’m trying to get something like this[url=] with [url=]

I think you might be able to accomplish something like that with just a simple glow effect, also maybe play around with some Blending Modes.

I don’t suppose some one can give me a demonstration please?

There is a lot going on in that image.I agree with Alex on glow is definitly used in parts, especially the eyes., there is no question you need to use glow for them.The tone and highlight would be needed to create the areas of light and dark.To creatre the textured nature of some of the colours you would need blending modes and textured brushes.The light behind would be blur and probably in the drawing a couple of different opacity brushes (the blur will take care of the lines between the differen opacities).There is a lot going on here. Which parts are you having trouble with in particular?If you look at my light saber tutorial you can see how to use glow with a black background. I didn’t have the issue you described.

Yeah I’ve been trying to create it, I’ve come close but I am missing a few ingredients. This is going to take some experimentation. :-\

Well, Alex and The Raider provided excellent recommendations…You might like and experiment further… with different-colours, -backgrounds, gradients,more extreme highlights…etc…If you like, here is a very simple experiment: sound)RegardsNolan

How do yuo full screen your video Nolan?

Wait until the movie is loaded…Then click that little black down-facing triangle in the lower right corner…(or right-click the movie)Either choose Save As Source… / or Save As QuickTime Movie…The original resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels…Should be big enough for full screen view…?RegardsNolan

I tried to follow that video untill it got to the blending effect.For some reason, in my drop down list, blending isn’t their??

I just noticed that, Blending is available fore Toon Boom Animate 2, I only have Toon Boom Animate 1.What can I do?

Any help?How do i blend with Animate 1?

I only used Animate1 for like 2 months, when 2 came out, so I couldn’t really tell you cause I never tried it in 1. I guess the only answer would be Upgrade? :-\

As far as I know, the “Blending” effect was introduced with Animate 2…(not available in Animate 1)If you build your cutout-parts in Photoshop / Gimp or else…Try and use their Composite-Modes (Blending) for creating the lighting-,shadow-, and ambiance-effects you’re after…RegardsNolan

I didn’t think composite mode was available in Animate 1?

Sorry for the misunderstanding…I meant using Photoshop, Gimp or else for the compositing…RegardsNolan

Sorry, I must of miss read you wrong.I’m gonna go try and sort some things out in Photoshop then :DThanx for all your help guys :smiley:

There is no Blending node in Animate 1 - this is a new feature available only with the upgrade. So you can get somewhat close to your image by using glow, and maybe play around with transparency and blur, but if you want to get the full blending effect then you need to upgrade.~LillyToon Boom Support