How do I make my Hand Tool automatically switch back to the pen tool when its not in use?

HELP! - For a while now I’ve had my Hand tool short cut set to the ‘Space Bar’, and so when I would use it, it would automatically switch back to my pen tool when lifting my fingers off the short cut, so it was easy to continue animating.

But recently I’ve been fiddling with the short cuts and accidently changed the ‘Toggle playback’ shortcut to the Space bar. I went back and fixed it so the Hand tool short cut is now back to being the ‘Space bar’ key. but now when ever i use it and want to move around the canvas, it stays on the hand tool. And so its doesn’t automatically switch back to the pen tool anymore, making me having to switch it manually every time I move the canvas around.

I know i could simply just keep doing this (switching back and forth and all) but since I’m a fast worker its makes things a lot more slower to complete stuff.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Hi hope you are well,any chance you’ve found a solution to that problem, I just got Toonboom and I didn’t change any setting but automatically it is giving me the same problem you are having.