How do i make more than one bone per layer?

Hi, I’m using Animate Pro 2 and I don’t know how to make more than one bone per layer. I got that if I put one drawing under another, it automatically creates a bone. Now I want another 2 bones coming from that bone to make an arm, forearm and hand at the same layer. I tried creating them at different layers but it looks terrible because the elbows don’t bend and you can see the cracks in the drawings. When I was using Toonboom studio 8, I know you could just create many bones and stuff in the same drawing. Is there a was to create bones in a layer in Animate Pro 2?

Have a look at the deformation video tutorials because this and other more advanced manipulations are explained here. Skip any sections referring to curved deformers though because these only exist in Harmony, Animate Pro doesn’t have them.