How do I lower the quality of Render View?

For example, After Effects allows you to lower the render quality of your animation so that it can be rendered quickly for a preview.

In Toonboom Animate Pro 3, I can’t see any option for this. I want to add and animate effects but the only way you can preview them is within the Render View and it takes a long time for the effect to show up. It’s also hard to determine the effect I’m animating and how I want it to look when I can’t preview the motion properly. Because its 100% full quality in the render view. Is it possible to bring it down to about 50% like you can in After Effects?

I’m also aware there’s a “render and play” option, where you create a video preview within Toonboom, but that takes a really long time to load up the frames as well. I’m just wondering if there’s something in my preferences that can lower this quality down for a better work flow.


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