How do I Lip Sync multiple times for one character

I have 4 voice overs for an animation. I am only able to lip sync one of them.
Is there a way to auto lip sync all the voice over files under 1 mouth drawing with the layers ABCDEFGX? Please help. I have to get this animation out pronto.

Thank you. ::slight_smile:

I have read your question several times and I frankly I cannot understand the problem ???. If you have Multiple Audio Tracks and that is what is causing the problem why not just combine the Audio track into one file then run the auto Lipsync?

Do you have more than 1 track? Are you Using Animate 2? Pro,???
Symbols? FBF?

Sorry. I have a back and forth conversation between a male and female character. I am using Animate 2. Thank you.

I agree with Alex the easiest way is to use Audacity (it is free) to make one audio track for the make one for the female (however you could use just one file and delete the parts of lip sync you don’t want.

Is your problem that have multiple tracks of sound and can only get one onto the character or can’t you get lipsync working at all?

I used audacity its is a great application.

Yes I have multiple tracks of sound and can only lip sync one of them.


Sophia says: “I get why you’re worried maybe I can help.” (I am able to lip sync this line but not any others. Should I have a separate mouth peg with its own layers for each time Sophia speaks?)

Andy says: "Thanks but I don’t know if anyone can help."

Sophia says: "Well stressing out about it wont help."

Thank you.

OK… Ahhh figured it out.
I combined the sound files for 1 character and enabled auto lip sync detection for each track by right clicking within the sound editor in Animate and selecting "auto lip-sync detection"

Thank you.