How do I import a vector jpg and trace it

Im trying to import characters that I have scanned, and then saved as JPG’s.

Is there a way to import scanned drawings, trace over them in Toon Boom and thus animate them.? HELP

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Open a TBS project

2. Go to the timeline and add a new image element.

3. Go to the first frame of that new image element in the timeline and right click to open the context menu, then select import images>import images.

4. From the file explorer dialog select the image file or files you want to import and click on OK.

5. If you already have a drawing element in your project timeline that you want to use for your tracing layer then drag the track label of that drawing object up above the track label of the image element you just used for your scan imports. Otherwise just create a new drawing element above the image element in the timeline.

6. Now in drawing view you want to turn on the auto light table (keyboard shortcut L) so that your image shows through the drawing element and then select the track for the drawing element and go to the first frame in the timeline (or to whatever frame you want to trace) and start tracing or inking your drawing.

Hope this gets you going -JK