How do i get more templetes to work with ?

im not an arts, i cant draw to save my life, but i can make the most beautiful story for the few templetes that are there already but i need more. How do i get them and imort them ?

Templetes likes;
People (with different angles) as before

There are some templates available from the eLearning section of the website.

Other than that, perhaps other people have created templates they’d like to share?

Toon Boom Support

How about using the ones that come with ToonBoom Studio Pro? I have a ton of those, some purchased. Can those somehow be used? Thx!

Unfortunately it is not possible to open templates from other Toon Boom softwares in Storyboard. This is something that we’re looking to fix when we release a new version of Storyboard.

Thank you for your understanding.

Toon Boom Support