How do I get an imported scene to show up in the time line.

When I import this scene it shows up in the the node view, but not in the timeline and camera view , how do I get it into the timeline.
It’s probably a very basic question , but I’m stuck nonetheless.
Thankful for answer.

Hi, having the same issue. I can see the timeline but nothing in camera view. Have been working with support staff, they think my graphics card might be the issue, but not sure. What kind of graphics card do you have?

Can you show a screen capture of everything? Are you opening someone else’s project or are you importing drawings or layers made in another software? In the Node View the layers are connected to the main composite which connects to the Write and Display nodes? In the Timeline and Camera the Display is in ‘Display’, ‘Display All’, other? Sometimes it can happen that you have layers disconnected from the composite and you will only see them on the Camera and Timeline with ‘Display All’ selected. But the best is to keep it in the default ‘Display’ and make sure your layers are connected to the composite on the Node View.

Also, did the layers imported properly, for instance, can you see the art work on the Drawing view?

Luis Canau

When I upload templates, I can see the node view, timeline, but none of the drawings in the camera view.

Won’t let me do a print screen…