How do I extend a frame's exposure, and be able to change each frame without changing all of the frames?

When I extend a frame’s exposure, how do I make small changes to each frame without changing the entire group of frames? For example, I’d like to have the same image throughout a few seconds of the animation, except with hair moving a bit in each frame as if it’s blowing in the wind, however when I make a change to one frame the entire group of frames with the extended exposure change. How can I change each frame of the extended exposure? Thanks for any answers :slight_smile:

I gather you are using Animate or Animate Pro? I do not have any of the Harmony levels so things may have changed but…

You need to be in Animate mode.

Sorry I’m pretty new to Toon Boom. I am using Toon Boom Animate Pro 3 Trial version and I think that it is currently in camera view (the background is all grey). I never knew you could change the mode to animate mode
How do you change it to animate mode? If I am in animate mode could I just change each frame of the exposure instead of how it is now ( each frame of the exposure is affected by a small change in one frame)? Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you able to access & watch Youtube on your computer?

It would be very useful to watch as many of the Toon Boom tutorials and Tip of the Week videos as you can and use the manual to supplement your crash course to get up to speed.

Just diving in is going to be almost impossible with the software.

Basically, you activate the Animate Tool button to enter animate mode. When activated, use the Transform Tools not the Select Tool.

On the tools toolbar there is a button that looks like a yellow running person. Make sure that tool is selected because that means you’re in Animate mode. If that button is not selected it will make universal changes across the whole layer. It useful to not be in Animate mode when you want to position a character on stage, or resize a character without placing a keyframe and animating the change. You can tell if you’re in Animate mode by the colour of the bounding box around your drawing when it’s selected, it should be bright pink. When you’re in Transform mode the box will be red. Definitely watch the tutorials which will explain it all a lot better than I can.