How do I export Image Sequence in Animate Pro?

In Animate Pro I have been animating a puppet character.
The problem is that I am getting crashes whenever I try and export any kind of movie, the only thing that works is open GL frames.

Multiple people have suggested image sequences, however I have not been able to find out how to do that, Toon Boom Help, and even a google search, reveals nothing on exporting Image Sequences in Toon Boom Animate Pro.

Open GL is fine for a quick look, but I need to be able to render at higher quality. The only things I can see that hint toward Image Seq’s are choosing ‘PNG’ from movie export options, but this is still a movie file.

Any advice on Image Seq’s would be greatly appreciated,

you need to use the write module in your network view to set up the sequence (all the settings are in there) and then you need to choose render network.