I posted a problem that I am having on Sunday, and now after drawing the entire character’s animation again, the same problem is occurring. I can’t click on certain frames, —if I need to select frame 4 for example, the program jumps to 9 (it only lets me select frames in roughly 9 or so intervals…VERY FRUSTRATING.

I downloaded a new copy of the program and installed it, and I thought it would overwrite the older one, but the drag-drop way of installing it only put an extra copy on my computer, and I believe it is using the older versions system info because I wasn’t prompted for a key code to open it.

What is the correct method to get rid of the first version and its associated system files and put a new fresh version on my computer?

I am on a MAC version 10.4.11

Many thanks.

–Rob Mackintosh

Hi Rob,

The issue you are having is not linked to the actual software installation or corruption but rather to the project themselves. There is a workaround way to avoid this situation and it is to go in the Function Editor and make sure to uncheck the Sync Current Frame checkbox.

We have logged this bug and will see what there is to be done about it but for the moment the best is to keep the option unchecked.

Let us know if you are still having difficulties.

Best regards,


Thanks Ugo.

I’ve done it and everything is normal.