How do I delete blank cells?

I made a long animation and there’s a few segments in the middle I want to delete. However, when I delete cells, it leaves a blank cell in its place. Is there any way to delete blank cells so I don’t have to manually move all of my frames over? Thanks!

This post is late but in case anyone else is searching on the same thing, you can go into the XSheet and “Remove Frames”. That will blow away frames wholesale and not leave any empty cells (shortening your timeline by the cells that you are removing).

XSheet >> Select all of the rows/frames of animation that you want to remove from the timeline and your life in general >> Right Click >> Frames >> Remove Selected Frames.

That’s just not how the software works. Even blank frames
have a purpose in letting you know that layer’s timing.

Select and move or select and cut/paste are the way to go.