How do I create gradients on SBP 6?

Where is the gradient creator in this program (SBP 6)?? I’m looking at tutorials and apparently there should be an option to make a solid color or a gradient, but those buttons don’t show up ANYWHERE on my interface. All I can find is the “edit gradient” tool which doesn’t help CREATE one. So many tutorials on here are outdated for new versions…



The docs is not so clear on where too to double-click. You think its on the collected swathes in the row but it´s on the big swatch above the color slides.

double -click on that and you get the window where to add the gradient.

then you have to save that color to the swatch by pressing “+” at the swatches.

The tricky thing is if you want to change that gradient in colors, then you have to select the color in the small swatch, double-click in the bit swatch and then save an new swatch with the “+”.

A tricky way to update colorsswatches.
I hope they update this in the next version.

But I hope it helped you for now.

/ Mattias