How do I copy layers from one project to another?

Hi, how do I copy my layers from one project into another?

I created a head for my cartoon and i dont feel like drawing him again in my second project so I tried adding him to the library but when I switched projects, it doesn’t show up in the library.

What process should i take to get my head into my other project?

I tried exporting the head as a flash movie but the Import → SWF option is shaded out in my toon boom animate so it seems I cannot import the SWF file, what gives?



Use the library save it in there then reopen in your new project.

Do I just drag and drop it into the library or do i have to group it first or maybe i have to make a symbol first?

Any help, much appreciated


Make the library writable,( right click, select right to modify).

Select the layers/frames you want to save drag and drop in folder in library. make one if needed. Hit save and it will be there for any project you want to use it for.

Hope this helps.

Yes, that works. The problem is I didn’t know that we first have to right click and choose that option to make it writable


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