How do I copy an object to another frame and then alter it without altering the same object in the original frame?

Whenever I copy and paste an object from one frame to another, and then I do anything to alter said object, the object also gets altered in the frame that I copied it from. Is there any way to keep the original frame untouched in this case?

Duplicate frame button or shortcut.

There’s 2 ways you can do this. Either duplicate the frame using the ‘duplicate’ button on the Timeline toolbar, or create a new drawing frame and then copy the drawing off the camera view and onto the new frame (again into the camera view, not on the timeline).

I’ve tried that and it does copy it but making adjustments to the duplicated image still makes adjustments to the original.

Here’s a few screenshots showing what I’m doing. Maybe there’s something I’m missing:

Here, I have one frame.

Here, I duplicate the frame.

Here, I alter something in the frame.

Here, I go back to the original frame and it isn’t untouched. My alterations to the duplicate have also applied to the original, which is not what I want.

I’m not trying to complain, and I only started using this program yesterday, but does something as simple as copying and pasting really need to be so complicated that I need to seek out help on how to do it?

EDIT: Also, going to View > Duplicate doesn’t make a new frame. Instead, it makes Drawing_1 appear right below Drawing.

Nevermind, I figured it out. You have to copy+paste and THEN “duplicate,” which doesn’t duplicate anything but rather turns the copied image into a duplicate and not an extension of the original image.

That is really confusing but at the same time it kinda makes sense. Thanks for the help, guys.

This is a bit confusing when you come from a software that behaves differently, but it makes sense once you get used to it.

Copy/paste in the Timeline and the X-Sheet do not duplicate drawings because the Timeline and the X-Sheet are for timings/exposure. When you’re copying drawing 1 from frame 1 and pasting it to frame 12 you’re just exposing drawing 1 on frame 12. This makes a lot of sense if you think for instance on a 8-drawing walking cycle that you paste 10 times. In most cases you want just the 8 drawings repeated, not 80 different drawings.

Copy/paste will duplicate if you select the actual drawing in the Camera or Drawing views, not its exposure. You would do this by using the select tool and selecting the actual art from one drawing to the other, on the same or on a different layer.

Copy/paste in the Timeline can be used to duplicate drawings if you select paste special and then ‘always create drawings’. Another method if you want to just duplicate a drawing and placing it somewhere else on the timeline is, as you mentioned previously, duplicating it first then paste the duplicate or vice-versa. It’s just and extra click.

Luis Canau