how do I connect vector lines?

This might be somewhat a noob question but, how do I connect vector lines?

I use the “Snap to contour” option of the “Contour editor” tool and it kind of work, the vector points merge in to one but the line gets cut, is not a continuos line.
I’m using harmony essentials, I know that in the other versions you can modify the end of a vector line and that probably should help but I don’t have that option.

You can clean up the connections with the Contour Editor.

Also using a round line end shape helps.

as I said, in harmony essentials we don’t have an option to change the end of the line.
When I join the points with the contour editor there are still lines cut, maybe you can merge them together in some way?

Sorry, I must have skimmed past that statement and not gotten the message about the ends in Essentials. I have Premium. In many cases it is impossible to discern exactly what features you do not have using this comparison chart because the descriptions are vague. Toon Boom really needs to list everything item by item so people know exactly what they are not getting.

As for the contour editor suggestion, you do this manually not by choosing an option in the tool properties window. You select the object with the contour editor, zoom in, then make adjustments overlapping the ends manually. They should connect eventually if not immediately most of the time, yet sometimes they don’t. In this state you can also delete, add or adjust individual points.

You said you have joined the ends and there are still cuts. How did you join the ends? How close did you get the end when you joined them? Have you looked at the lines when the contour editor is activated and observed the lines with their points up close?

Another approach is to overlap your ends, flatten the line then snip off the excess using the cutter tool.

Thanks for your answer

I try to zoom in and they are perfectly together, I use the “snap to contour” option of the “Contour editor” tool. Using the Contour tool the points behave as one, but when you use the “Select tool” you realize that they are not connected, they still are two different objects. I try to “Flatten” them to join them but it didn’t work.

If you overlap them and then use the flatten option the software cuts all the lines and you end up with 4 pieces

I look and it does this even before you flatten them.

I will install the demo of Essentials and see what I come up with.

Have you drawn this square in one motion not lifting the tip until the end meets the beginning? That would leave one corner to worry about. Up until now this is what I thought you had done but this last image looks like 4 separate lines.

EDIT: I installed Essentials and I had no trouble at all creating a square like yours and it ending up one completely enclosed object.

When I installed Essentials I left everything at factory default settings. I just dialed in a brush the size of yours and drew the square ending it over the top of the beginning point. I had auto close gaps selected (which it is by default). It filled when I paint bucketed the interior. I enlarged the object while it was activated with the contour editor and I had a clean line and closed connection.

EDIT 2: I also constructed a square by drawing 4 separate lines. I made a separate stroke lifting the pencil after each line. I made sure I started on the end of a line (after the first line was created of course) and then I ended the last line over the top of the first line’s beginning spot. The key to ending with this being one single closed object is to have the Auto-Flatten and Auto-Close-Gaps buttons enabled before you start to draw. These two buttons are located in the Tool Properties window while the Pencil is activated. When I had finished drawing 4 separate lines the object filled with the paint bucket.

(I wrote a big answer but the system log me out and got lost)

The short of it: I found a work around, the example that I’m showing you was forced, when I ink with the pencil some times I get errors like this and looks awful in the end result.

I did something similar of what you are suggesting, I use the polyline tool with the “snap to contour” option enable, then I do a new line and snap it to both ends patching the line, after that I just snap the two remaining points and is fixed.

Is a shame that when toon boom striped down its premium version they forgot to include a logical sensible way to fix this kind of problems, for example if you erase with the eraser tool a line the end if it is going to be square and there is no way to fix it, no option will turn it back to be round in the essentials version.

Now, thank you so much for your time, I was sure that no one was going to answer to my thread so I really grateful for your help.

Getting a rounded end after erasing part of a line:

  1. Erase the area
  2. Convert the Pencil line to a brush stroke.
  3. Use the eraser to round the end.
  4. Convert the brush stroke back to a Pencil line.

The result will be a nice round-ended vector line.

You can swap 1. and 2. depending on your drawing.

There might be a better way but it is one way

ohhh, that is an interesting suggestion I forgot that toon boom can convert brush strokes to pencil lines.