How do I 'connect' a matte to an original drawing? (So it 'follows' the drawing))

I’m trying to add a Tone effect - a shadow - to a drawing that needs to be scaled and moved around later on.

I can add the shadow, but when I scale the drawing, the shadow doesn’t follow; i.e. it doesn’t scale as well. Apparently because the Overlay isn’t connected to the original drawing.

What do I do wrong?

Here’s how I add the Tone effect:

  1. I draw the shadow using Overlay Art.
  2. Clone the drawing in Network view
  3. Insert the Tone modul so its right port connects to the original and the left connects to the clon.
  4. There is now a shadow as expected (I’ve disabled Read Overlay on the clone, and enabled it on the original).
  5. When I open the Tone modul’s properties and try to adjust the Radius in order to blur the shadow, it doesn’t have any effect - but the function Invert Matte does work, for instance…

Have you considered using a Quadmap?


Animate Pro:

Isn’t that used for drop shadows?

I’m not trying to make the object cast a shadow; I’m trying to add a shadow - or a highlight, for that matter - to the object itself…

OK there are many ways to approach this, it was late, I was tired, people are all over the map with their words, literally by country of residence if not simply less precise, and I see that this effect is frequently referred to as a shadow. I would call it “tone” or “tone shading” as in “highlight and tone” rather than creating a shadow. Toon Boom has a module called “Shadow” that is for a drop shadow and a Tone module for the darker half of a volumetric shading effect that you are aiming for. So you can see the potential for confusion.

Now, the Radial adjustment inside the Highlight and Tone modules work as expected for me for the desired soft blend effect. You can also go at this using a Blur Radial module between the matte (clone and left port side) and Highlight or Tone modules. In either case I can only see the effect when rendered. I cannot see it in Open GL with my system, at least.

Thank you – you’re right, I can see the effect when it’s rendered.

I found the solution to my other problem (how to ‘connect’ the matte to the drawing for editing purposes):

I simply had to use the ‘Apply to Line and Color Art’ option in Toole Properties for the Selection tool. That makes it possbile to select the Overlay layer with the effect as well as the Drawing layer, so I can edit both simultaneously.

What I still don’t understand is how you apply an effect to a character that consists of several layers. But I think I’d better start a separate thread about that…