How do i change the color of the preview box, In toom boom animate?

To a transparent color?

Im trying to save individual images, but when i save them i always get a black background, i would like the black to be transparent (not there) only the image im trying to save.

How can this be done???

In Animate we interpret the black as a transparent background. When you export to formats that support transparency (PNG4, TGA4) then it should show up as transparent. Just make sure you’re doing a file > Export > Images… then select a 4-channel image like PNG. From the next dropdown menu, select “Colour with Transparency”. This will save all four channels.Now when you view these images they will have a transparent background.Hope this helps.~LillyToon Boom Support

Hmm this doesn’t seem to be the case.The settings i am using arePNG or TGA, Colour with Transparency and 8 bit channel (wont give me the option for a 4 bit channel!Any idea why i cannot pick 4 bit channel?


Still nothing?

You don’t want 4 bits per channel, you want 4 channels - I.e., when you select “Colour with Transparency”, that MEANS four channels - RGBA, Red, Green, Blue, and Alpha. This is different from 3-channel, which is the option you get when you select “Colour” - this saves only RGB values with no alpha channel.When you did the export as Colour with Transparency, with 8 bits, you still did not get a transparent background? Did you preview the output image in Photoshop?~LillyToon Boom Support

I used to do the steps LillV said (when was on regular Animate, which has changed in Pro 2), except I wouldn’t create a background at all, nor use a color card. This way, only what you draw and show on your layers, come out, nothing else. If you don’t use a background, there is no color for animate to render. So if you drew a box that is black, and put that in the background, or used color card, I’d take it out. Then do lillyv’s steps and you should be fine. --------In Animate Pro 2, you must use the same idea:1) Go into the NETWORK view and click on the box of your WRITE module, so you can get a LAYER PROPERTIES box to pop up, for that module.2) In the LAYER PROPERTIES you pick where you want to save, and what name to save it as, but most importantly, you select PNG4 (Drawing Type drop down box). That gives you the ability to now have it transparent in the background (if you don’t draw one, or don’t use color card). The regular PNG gives you a black background, not wanted! Click the CLOSE button.3) Then go to the menu, do FILE->EXPORT->RENDER NETWORK. Pick the whole production, or select frames, and click OK. Check the folder you told the WRITE module to save to, and there is no background of black because you don’t have a black background. I used this religiously to import into photoshop and mess around. This way, you get all the special effects you drew out, in Animate, in the exports you create.