How do I change the behavior of hotkeys that are "hold and release" on active tools?

I’m having an incredibly hard time working quickly in Harmony 12.

I set “p” up for Pencil Tool, but for some reason, it will not allow me to hit “P” and then continue using the Pencil tool unless I hold the button down like I do with the Eraser “E”. If I release the button, it will go back to my previous tool.

In Harmony 11, this wasn’t any problem. But for 12, I need to manually select the pencil tool if I want to use it without holding down any button.

How do I fix this?

5 years later and this is still a Problem with no solution?

Somehow remapping the Keys to itself works.

But then there’s the HAND TOOL, which i NEED for SPACEBAR. I need the Hold and Release function on the Spacebar