How do i attach puppets mouth with face

:’( hi can some one help me i created a mouth for my puppet on a different drawing for lip sync purposes but now when i rotate the puppets head the mouth stays in the position that it is in it does not rotate with the puppet can any one help ?

You’ve got to either drag and drop it on top of the head drawing layer in the timeline view or, if you have a Peg attached to the head, drop it on that. Of course if you have Animate Pro you can connect it to the head or head Peg there. You’ll probably need to nudge it forward in z space so that it sits on top of the head.

Thanks zeb u always come through

Im using animate pro 2 and how do i connect itto the peg?

Look at network view.

I have a little overview to network view on my youtube channel.

If you haven’t used it worth watching because it is awesome once you get used to it.

Thanks the raider im going to watch some of your videos