How do I animate?

I got Harmony essentials, and I’ve used animation software before, usually you make a key frame, draw, make another key frame, draw, and play and it shows you the 2 frames. But I tried this in Harmony and it doesn’t work. I’m obviously new to Harmony, and I’m not sure what video to watch, there’s so many, I just need to know about animating and THEN character rigging. I’d be nice if someone just typed it out for me. Also is it possible to make a Character, and then save the different parts or full body for future animating? Thanks

Well if you are doing frame by frame traditional animation where you manually draw each frame, then you won’t need to rig your character, as you may already know. Toon Boom caters for all types but maybe this video for what you are looking for will help?

If instead you want to try out, cut-out animation and perhaps include deformers as well I have been following this tutorial, which goes through it in great detail from drawing your character all the way up to the finished animation:

Alternatively there is a lot of material in the learn section of the Toon Boom website. Be sure to check out tutorials for the older versions of Toon Boom as well because, even though they are outdated you can still learn quite a bit from them. I am still learning myself!