How do I animate smoke?

Well I’m making my first animated short and I need to make some smoke.
I’ve made some little clouds and rotate them and move them. They look like one, but it’s not very fine.

I made this:(Some snapshots)
How can animate some smoke like this:(Sorry for my sketching :slight_smile:

Well, there are endless possibilities… It all depends on personal style and effort…
Either draw your smoke effect (FX), frame by frame (maybe on two’s or even three’s…?)
If you like, you might find some inspiration here:

Or, (for a more simpler approach) draw a few different clouds on their own layer…
Create a Motion-path (maybe slightly curvy…?) for each cloud layer…
Resize / scale (squash and stretch) the clouds on their way up…
Maybe fade them out at the end…?


I’ve tried your example and works very good. And the link was very helpful.
Thank you so much.