How do I add my panels and audio to a library in Storyboard Pro?


I don’t want to have to keep drawing the same background over and over. I noticed that Storyboard Pro has a Library, but I can’t seem to get mine to be saved to the library.

How do I add my panels and audio to the library to cut redundant work?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It helps to make a custom library by right-clicking in the area where the library folders are
and selecting “Open Library…” and choosing a folder on your computer to use as a library
to store your stuff. You can even make multiple libraries to store different types of things
to organize them better.

For Audio files you simply drag the clip from the audio layer to the library you want to save
to. For example, the library I created is called Templates, I select it and drag the clip to
the larger library window that initially contains nothing since you just created it.

For panels, you can drag the panel from the timeline into the Library but not from the layers.
From the layers you will only be able to make a template of one layer at a time unless you
create a group first and place the layers inside.

While you can store stuff to the default “Global” library, the Shared and 3D Models libraries
are locked.