How do animated TV shows use toon boom

I’m curious what the process is to create polished television quality animation like ‘Regular Show’ ‘Adventure Time’ ‘Gravity Falls’ ‘Chowder’ etc.

How is their line work so clean? Do they use toon boom for clean up/inking, or are drawings cleaned up in illustrator?


what sort of issues do you have with the quality of Animate? It is resolution independent and very high IMO

I can’t imagine companies cleaning up every frame for something like adventure time.

I don’t have issues with the resolution it’s more a question about brush smoothness.

Smoother brushes aren’t as reliable the closer in you zoom for details.

Camera placement. Do productions zoom out passed the 16 field? Or is everything animated within the 16 field on professional work?

Note that I currently have toon boom studio as I still have a ppc mac. I plan to get animate( or animate pro) when I get a new computer.

In that case you are better off asking in the studio forums. I am unsure if there is a quaility issue with studio, but Animate the brushes should be resolution independent since they are vectors.

The line quality is indeed much higher with Harmony, which is what they’re using at professional studios.

Last week at Siggraph, we had some guys from Disney TV doing a presentation at our booth, and they got asked by the audience whether they would prefer to use Illustrator for the line quality - so I’ll just take his answer and parrot it here, straight from the mouth of the customers…

He said that there used to be some scenarios in which Illustrator was better, because it had a thick and thin centreline. Now with Harmony’s new pencil line, that has a centreline but also the thick and thin, there’s no longer any reason to do drawings first in Illustrator.