how create keys in Toonboom Harmony 12 advanced

I just begin with harmony 12 advanced ( trial version) by learning with the first tutorials I saw on the web site. I 'm a bit lost because my soft desn’t seem to work like the exemples I saw. When I draw my first drawing on the first frame and then I want to make a next key on (for exemple frame 10) , all the frames from 2 to 9 become automaticaly filled with my first drawing . I want that these frames stay empty like the exemples I saw on the tutorials to add breakdowns or inbetweens. I’m sure there’s something very simple to do , may be there is a parameter to able or desable in the preferences but I did’nt find it. If somebody can help me , I will be happy. Thanks a lot !
Pascal( from France)

Go to Preferences and choose the Exposure Sheet tab. In the middle, there’s the section Drawing Creation. Deselect Extend Exposure of Previous Drawing. There you also have the option to Use Current Frame as Drawing Name that might be useful for traditional. This is in Premium, but it should be similar in Advanced.

Luis Canau

Thank you very much , it works perfectly now. I can go further in my exploration now .