How could this be achieved?

In the downloads on the toon boom site ( there is a video called “Product Demo (17.1MB)”. At the end of this video there is fragment in which a “normal” video morphes into a cartoon (the part where you see the toy train first in a norm video an later on in a cartoon). Any ideas how this could be realised?

Ok ill have a go at this since no-one else has replied to you.

Dont think it can be done directly in tb since as far as i know, tb doesnt allow you to import video files. You’d have to take the real life video, create the animation in toon boom then composite them both in something like after effects. I could go into how you’d do this in AE, but if you dont have it ill be wasting my time so i wont bother for now :stuck_out_tongue:


you can import video files as image sequences (you must export the video as such sequence first, afaik qt pro does that), but you can’t do any bitmap editing nor compositing in tbs, only a separate drawing layer on top of the images is possible.
that’s why i doubt it’s what you wanted (haven’t seen the demo, though).

Hi Moorse,

Sorry for the delay !

This movie was made in house at Toon Boom. The animation was made with TBS (using a little bit of rostoscopy for the transition between animation and live motion) then the project was exported to a QuickTime file with an alpha channel (precisely a TGA codec with millions of color+

Then the QuickTime movie was imported into iMovie, a simple compositing software that was once built in Mac OS X.
Today, I believe that iMove is bundled with Apple’s iLife product.