How could I go about adding dialogue/voice acting to a short film I'm working on?

I just need a basic rundown on the ways I could get dialogue sound files into the animation and have them timed correctly and not overpowered by background audio. Any answers/help would be appreciated.

Not use about the question,. You could import soundfiles in Harmony and sync animation to that. Yes.

Hey Katie!

Harmony will import sound files and allow you to do sound scrubbing to draw the right mouth on the frame according to the sound (or swap between multiple mouth drawings in cut out) You will find the sound scrubbing icon inside the Playback Toolbar.

The sound files themselves can be imported into Harmony and either turned on or off, but the sound files will not be edited. Changing the pitch, volume or anything inside the sound will need to be done in a software such as Adobe Audition.

For more on lipsync, I suggest you check out the activities at the following link! There you will also find a way to detect sounds from your sound files and map the associated sound onto your cut out character.

Hope this helps!