How come I get 1-2 seconds of lag when switching to the brush tool?

I get this lag when switching to - get this - only the brush tool. It makes drawing take wayyyy too long. It’s infuriating and breaks my flow. Does anyone else get this problem? How could I concievably fix it?

I’m on a Bananarama PC so I wouldn’t assume it’s my system specs, everything else works just dandy but this is really hard to deal with. It might seem insignificant but I neever had this in Aniamte 2 and Animate 3 is throwing too many curveballs my way.

I’ve got brush size cursor turned off, because I tried that and it made drawing extremely laggy.

I have a radeon 7000 series, either 7870 or 7970 to be slightly more exact.

if its a problem with that video card then its going to be an expensive thing to replace :frowning:

What is your video card? It maybe due to display something for brush tool.
From preferences>Drawing tab, see if Brush Size Cursor option is checked and if it is check, uncheck it and then restart Animate pro if it helps.
Also try it on Drawing view other than Camera view if it switches faster. It could be related to the video card.