How can I work with a colleague on a project if we have two different versions of Harmony?

Hello Everyone, I need to work with a colleague on a project but we both have different versions of Harmony which we bought over the last years, unfortunately whenever he sends me back the scenes i sent for him to color, the drawings completely disappear!(when i open the projects the timeline is unaltered, but the art layers are completely blank!)
I asked about this on the forum some time ago and I was told that it’s most likely due to the fact that we have two different versions of Harmony
We really need to start working on a project very soon but the only solution we could think of was renting the newer version of Harmony Advanced monthly, considering that the project is going to take us at least a couple of month unfortunately we really can’t afford it, so I would like to know if there is a way for people with different versions of Harmony to work together
thank you in advance!

Hello Barlafus87,

It sounds like one of you is using Essentials and one of you is using Advanced and Advanced has a couple of features that likely would not work properly if opened in Essentials, such as Textured Vector brushes.

If you’d like to see if having mismatched versions is the problem, I’d encourage whichever one of you is on Essentials to download the 21 day trial on Advanced and see if the projects moving between your computers works properly. If it does not, it would suggest that maybe not all files are being sent between the computers or another technical issue might be occurring.

If you’d like best practices when moving projects between multiple versions of Harmony, I highly recommend asking this question on our community Discord as I’m sure we have multiple people there who can help you with this. You can find a link to our Discord here: Community - Toon Boom Animation