how can I take out layers from a group

Hello. An animation studio gave me this digital pro file. which have the character´s layer all inside a group. I can´t take them out, copy or anything. I can´t add new layers to the scene. If I drag one layer to the top it will disapear as soon as it´s outside the group.

Do you have any idea why is this happening?

I think it can be simple as that the rule or group you are applying in Animate is different from Digital pro as well as the missing featuer (network) makes more difficult to adjust in Animate.

There are many differences between Digital Pro and Animate for example effects and network that does not have in Animate (there are few effects in Animate but not many). The major issue I can see that you are experiencing is the missing network. I do not know if you are familiar with Digital pro, the network is in 3D space that you can connect differently to show differently. This means that the group can be irrelevant as a subject even you enable/disable group view in the Time Line to move around since it is not that concern to view the structure in Time Line than network that makes more sense in Digital Pro. This will, however, somehow limit in Animate since Animate does not have network and all you see it in Time Line which is 2D to make the story short. For example, if the structure of the cut-out character is done in Digital Pro and you are trying to manipulate in Animate, anything you create, move, connects are limit in Time Line and the results may by different since when you delete or move the element in the Time Line, it first disconnects them from the group network (I am explaining that happened in Network that you do not see it in Animate) and tries to reconnect them that might not be necessary in the same location in the network due to 3D environment in network. And the worst thing is the rule of the display that in Digital Pro (or any other related products) shows top most to front most when it is hierarchy or parental connection while in Animate, bottom most shows the front most. For example, when you have face on top parent and added rests (eye, nose, mouth…), Digital Pro shows head front (top) while Animate shows mouth (bottom) front as for a rule. So this makes more difficult to work between Digital pro and Animate (actually working in Animate is more difficult to fix for other product) due to missing network. Also if the other studio uses any effects that does not have in Animate, it will not be shown properly. So for many reason above, you better contact other studio to sort this out before to late.

Thank you for the answer

Somehow we found a way to do it by saving it as a template and opening it in a whole new project created.

Maybe all this stuff is a good reason to think in buying Animate Pro