How can I rig a character turnaround in Toon Boom Essentials?

How do I redo the rigging for each part of the turnaround?

For me, the best way is to have each view in a frame, and the drawings of all the views for each part in one element (for example, all the views of the right foot in one single element), so when you need to animate a particular view, you copy and paste that frame and its easy to change to another view while animating.

It’s sometimes useful to have a peg for every element and configure the elements so it applies the pivot on the parent pegs (Layer properties - Drawing Pivot) so every drawing inside the element has its own pivot (three quarter nose might have a different pivot than front nose, for example)

Since you’re using essentials you cannot use some of the advanced rigging features like deformation chains, so I would think about that when consider bones for my rig.

Hope it helps, not sure if someone else has better advise.