How can I reposition ALL drawings on ALL layers in one fell swoop?.

I made the mistake of designing my characters, a man and a woman to the left and right sides of the camera view.

Later on when each character had their own folder I wanted all drawings of all layers center stage instead of to the left or right but this proves difficult.
The Reposition All Drawings tool only seems to apply to drawings on one layer.
I can put all layers in a peg and centre that but that creates a left side peg pivot that is centre to the screen but to the left of my main character.

How can I reposition all drawings of all layers in one fell swoop?

Make a copy and please don’t blame me if this is wrong.Have you tried the reposition pivot button ( i have not!) in the tools properties window when pivot tool is selected.For the sake of this answer I tried it on two selected layers and pivots were centered.But I have no clue if this is what you need/want, nor what a disaster it might apply to your characters.-Ivar

I’d suggest that you just reposition your camera instead. Even if you have keyframes on your camera, you can turn off the Animate button and move all the camera keyframes at once.