How can I merge multiple animations from seperate files?

I’m new to Harmony and I’m in a little pickle. The team I’m working with is subcontracting character animation and I’m doing composite work, as well as background art & atmospheric animation. The team is uploading 5-8 second clips (each shot) each as their own files which I need to merge into a single file to properly compose a scene. I’ll be honest, I’m struggling to get all of these animations into 1 file. Harmony doesn’t seem to support opening multiple projects at once, so I can’t copy/paste everything on the timeline from one animation into another. These seems like a functionality that one would expect and should be there, but I’m just not seeing it. Any ideas?


You definitively can open Harmony multiple times and copy/paste from one project to another.

You also can use templates in order to export and import animations:


Can you describe details of the workflow involved?

Opening more than one instance of Harmony has not worked.

Simple copy / paste has not worked.

There does not appear to be appropriate options in Export and Import to do it that way. Movie files yes but not project files.

I imagine, as you suggested, your participants could save their final contribution files as templates to be shared with other participants.

Perfectpencil, the only way I know of would be utilizing the Library. Participants would need to share specific folders with the master project participant who would paste those in a specific location to keep things properly organized then the master participant would navigate to a contributing participant’s folder so the content is available to the “master project.”


sure. Here’s what I do.

Opening several instances of Harmony:
No special trick here. :slight_smile:
It just works. I’m on Windows and using Harmony 20 (but, it also already worked with previous versions).

At first, create a library folder which you load in the tree view of Harmony’s “Library” tab.
Open project 1, select all the nodes in the Node View, paste them into your library folder and rename the created template as you like.
Close project 1 and open project 2.
In the library folder, select the template of project 1 and drag it into the Node View of the currently open project 2.

Thank you for reaffirming the ability to have multiple instances of Harmony open. I Googled the topic and confirmed that it is acknowledged by TB and it works on the Mac platform.

Just to have it explained for anyone who may pull up this thread in the future:

The trick is to launch Harmony from the Applications folder. I have an icon in my dock. You cannot open multiple instances of Harmony from the icon in the dock. Considering this I realize that the icon represents the single instance you create the icon with, (this applies to programs which are not part of the OS which by default have an icon in the dock.). IOW, when you open any program an icon appears in the dock. If you then go to Options and choose Keep It In The Dock it is only that instance being kept in the dock. If you have an icon in the dock but open the program from the icon in the Applications folder a 2nd icon appears in the dock. In order to open multiple instances of Harmony from the dock you would need to store multiple icons of the same program in the dock. It is easier (for me at least) to open a program from the dock. Chances are I would not need more than two instance of Harmony open so I would just store two icons in the dock.