How can I import multiple drawn Frames into the Library to use in another project?

Hi, I made a traditional sequence of drawings, all on the same drawing layer, and cannot figure out how to import them properly into the library to use in another project. When I drag the drawing layer into the library it appears to copy, but then when I try to drag them into a new project, it wont drag. I copy and paste it but it only shows the first drawing in the sequence. They also do not show up in the library preview.

Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks!!

Advanced or premium version ?

In the premium one, I suggest you to copy and paste the node in the library then in your other scene drag it to the node view.

In the advanced one, select all the frames and copy and paste it into the library. Then double click on the created template to generate the thumbnails. You can also right click on it and click edit template just to see if there are the frames you copied.
Then in the new scene drag on a new layer in the timeline. If it doesn’t work, try ctrl+c on the template and ctrl+b (paste special) and check create new drawings.

Let it know if it helps !