How can I import mor than one scene from storyboard Pro to Harmony Premium (in one time) and reused just like in storyboard pro

Hello animation’s world !

I’m a beginner with Harmony premium and I would like to know how can I import more than one scene in harmony ?
this tutorial (below) show me how can I do that but only with one scene!

Is there a tutorial about that ?

Thank you in advance for your answer, it’s very important for me :wink:

(Excuse me for my English, I send you this mail from Belgium and I usually speak french)

Thanks a lot for your answer rkriz,

but in wich programme must i “merge” the several scene than ?
I export them like “.mov” format and go to Adobe premiere, After effect…
to merge this ?

Thank you in advance,

Olivier hullaert

You should not do this. Keep it to one shot per scene, otherwise
your project will exceed the system resources and your project
will behave oddly in the software.

Bonjour HullaertOlivier,

As it has been mentioned, although Storyboard Pro allows users to have multiple scenes in a single project, Harmony doesn’t. Each Harmony project is a single scene.
In order to put them back to back into a final movie, you will indeed need an Editing software such as Adobe Premiere.

From the Write node in Harmony, you can decide whether to export your animations as image sequences or as movie files.


Astonishing !

But thanks a lot for your answer; I don’t look for it !

I’ll come back to your toon boom Community for other problems i’ll meet.

Thank you Matisse