How can I have two kinematic nodes output with the same object?

Hello everyone, I have the following leg rig, in it I have three deformers, two of the deformers I want to move the shoe, how can I do to share two kinematic output node in a single drawing? If adding another unmake me the first node kinematic output created.

Thank you very much.

This will do it:!G0Zykbza!0P-yWbrebYQBTgDyUAnoPiiUZsQXIHnHWmYtolcprQk

however do note it won’t work on release version of 14 due to them breaking kinematic chain. It works only on 12 and 14.01 where it’s fixed.

Hello Vrexus, thank you very much for your time, I have version 12.2, download your file and your node configuration does not work, I see that if it select the foot, but when i move it, it does not move it.
Any other solution ?, thank you very much for your time.

It should move if you move the deformer of the top leg part. If you mean by peg then yea it won’t move. You could take a deformation composite and plug both those kinematic outputs into it and then back into the thing you want, albeit i have no idea if that will work or not.

I am using your configuration of nodes, modifying deformation composite options, I can move only one of the deformers, your default file was disabled the output Kinematic only and Port Only. Activate them, and allow me to move, but only one.
I would like to know which configuration to use in the composite deformation