How can I go to the current Play Head position in the Timeline?

I need a quick way to go to the current position of the Play Head, when I jump from drawing to drawing or keyframe to the next one using my keyboard the play head goes away and I have to scrub the Timeline to find it, that is not really practical.
I have using TBH for cutout and fbf animation for 4 years now.
Is there a workaround for this or should be a new feature request?

Greetings! MEL from Toon Boom here.

I reccomend writing to our lovely support department, and ask for the ticket to be transferred to me (Mel, Senior Solution Specialist)

I will be able to take care of you request and maybe offer a fix. It is a request i dealt with in the past.

Don’t forget to mention me in the email!

Thank you! Have a nice day!