How can I get the deformers to follow one another coherently?

I have a problem with getting the deformers to play nice with one another. Let’s say that we have a bone deformer… I want the curve deformer to follow the bone deformer whenever I change any angle or position at which the bone deformer points exist. Yet, as shown in picture A, at the simplest level, this is not what happens (when the bone deformer turns to the right, the curve deformer does not turn along with it). So I would create a Kinematic Output to connect them both, but it still does nothing. In fact, if I connect the Kinematic Output to an offset, although both the bone deformer and the curve deformer moves along coherently, the drawing.tvg apparently does not (see picture B and C). In picture D, we see the trouble with these fundamental flaws in more advanced context. How can I fix this problem?