How can I get the background to show if I import it?

If I import bitmap images either as a jpeg, or psd (Photoshop), and create a new drawing layer, I can’t see the background any longer, making it hard to determine the position where I should draw. How can I get the background to show while in OpenGL mode?

When you can’t see the image do you have that layer selected?

When you import the image what are you selecting for the Transparency Alpha?

Under Import Options what are you selecting out of the three?

Thanks for the reply. However, I have things figured out. It was just a silly mistake on my part; the Photoshop layer on the very top becomes opaque when I turn on Onion Skin because the top layer is a partially transparent layer in Photoshop but Toon Boom turns it into opaque layer when Onion Skin is turned on. So this causes you to lose view of the layers underneath that would otherwise be visible as the layer above is supposedly transparent. So you’d have to turn off the layer, or go into Drawing View.