How can I get that organic shiver?

It’s cheap trick and a quick way to make a single frame look organic. I know in flash, you select all the frames and click on “smooth” option. That makes the animation shiver, even if there’s only one frame of drawing in the entire animation. Any idea what I am talking about? If so, how can I get that ‘shiver’ in toon boom Harmony?

You can apply the same type of smooth in Harmony. Select the part of the drawing you want to change with the selection arrow (black arrow) then in the tool properties window there’s a button called smooth (looks like a red/black diagonal line). HIt that an it will smooth.

The only problem with this ,as opposed to flash, is that I believe there are no settings for this smoothing. So you have to use whatever harmony’s default is. I find it often to be too strong. I could be wrong on this, but I believe there are no settings for the smooth tool.

Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot! I didn’t know that option existed in Harmony.
Any idea why my ‘operation’ tab is disabled? Only the last two options are enabled which are “Create color art from line art” and “Distribute to layers” But the rest are all disable, including the “Smooth” option.

The only way I can re-create that is if the line or object to be optimized isn’t selected. Hmm. Are you working in drawing mode or camera mode?

I was working on the Camera mode, under default workspace. I selected one drawing with lasso tool and applied smooth to it just to see how it’d look like. You are right, the Smooth is just too harsh and looks like you can’t control it in here. The thing is - when I lasso select a single drawing, the Smooth function seems to be enabled. But not when I select multiple Cells.